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Education & Research

Educational subscription options

The Conveyal team collaborates with researchers and offers subscriptions for educational purposes. Please email if any of these options fits your needs:

We’re eager to hear about additional cutting-edge applications, so we appreciate it when researchers send us a copy of any thesis, report, or paper produced using our software. We also request that such deliverables include acknowledgement with a link to and cite our publications, when relevant and appropriate.

Conveyal publications

The Conveyal team participates actively in the transportation research community, including through peer-reviewed publications:

  • Stewart and Byrd (2022): Half-(head)way there: Comparing two methods to account for public transport waiting time in accessibility indicators. In EPB Urban Analytics and City Science (open preprint)
  • Stewart and Byrd (2021): Interactive Access for Integrated Planning, chapter 17 in Applications of Access
  • Conway and Stewart (2019): Getting Charlie off the MTA: a multiobjective optimization method to account for cost constraints in public transit accessibility metrics, in International Journal of GIS (open preprint)
  • Conway, Byrd, and van Eggermond (2018): Accounting for uncertainty and variation in accessibility metrics for public transport sketch planning, in Journal of Transport and Land Use
  • Conway, Byrd, and van der Linden (2017): Evidence-Based Transit and Land Use Sketch Planning Using Interactive Accessibility Methods on Combined Schedule and Headway-Based Networks, in Transportation Research Record (open preprint)

Other publications and open-source community use

Academic researchers leverage Conveyal's cutting-edge methods and open-source software (including via the independent r5r wrapper library) for a wide range of innovative research. Recent examples include:

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